ADDC launches Energy Efficiency Clubs with leading industrial partners

ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC), a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), has launched its Energy Efficiency Clubs. This initiative is in collaboration with three of Abu Dhabi’s most prominent industrial sites: Agthia Group, Emirates Float Glass, and Arabian Gulf Steel Industries.

The strategic partnership aims to unite industrial facilities across Abu Dhabi to promote adopting energy-efficient practices and sustainable decision-making.

“The Energy Efficiency Clubs are designed to be a collaborative platform where industry leaders can exchange knowledge and best practices by engaging in expert talks, presentations by leading technology suppliers, and interactive problem-solving sessions,” said Saeed Al Suwaidi, ADDC Chief Executive Officer.

Alan Smith, CEO of Agthia Group, said, “Collaborating with ADDC and industry experts fosters a dynamic environment for promoting energy standards and implementing innovative solutions. These collective efforts significantly contribu
te to achieving our long-term sustainability goals, ensuring energy efficiency, cost reduction, and a stronger environmental footprint. We are committed to minimising our impact on the planet and aligning with the evolving regulatory landscape of the UAE.”

“Emirates Float Glass LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, has consistently pursued excellence in environmental stewardship through various initiatives, and this collaboration provides an excellent platform to share the Company’s best practices, innovate solutions, and drive impactful energy savings. We look forward to contributing to this transformative journey and setting new benchmarks in sustainable manufacturing for Abu Dhabi,” said Ahmed Shared, Head of Operations, Dubai Investments.

Asam Hussain, AGSI CEO, stated, “As the first Net Zero Steel Plant in the UAE that has achieved Carbon Neutrality, our energy-efficiency practices are a crucial contributor to our GHG-free manufacturing process and a key pillar of our Sustainability St
rategy. As one of the hosts of the Energy Efficiency Clubs, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and best practices in Energy Management, various energy efficiency initiatives undertaken by us, and our environmental stewardship to promote sustainable manufacturing practices.”

To date, over 40 industrial sites have joined the programme, collectively representing more than 70% of Abu Dhabi’s electricity consumption in the manufacturing sector. This impressive participation underscores the industrial sector’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable development.

The Energy Efficiency Clubs mark a pivotal advancement in ADDC’s strategic mission to enhance energy efficiency within Abu Dhabi’s industrial sector.

Source: Emirates News Agency