UAE field hospital in Gaza continues providing medical services to patients


GAZA: The Emirati field hospital in the Gaza Strip continues to provide its medical services without interruption to Gaza’s residents amidst the dire circumstances that the Palestinian people are experiencing, especially in the city of Rafah.

Dr. Saif Al Mehrzi, an orthopaedic surgery consultant at the UAE hospital in Rafah, explained that the field hospital, which is part of Operation Chivalrous Knight 3, continues to receive the injured, particularly children, women, and those with chronic illnesses.

He noted that the medical team has carried out several operations including a metal implant removal, and an endoscopy on an inflamed wound for a patient suffering from war-caused fractures, which helped save his limbs from amputation. The patient, Dr. Al Mehrzi explained, had been suffering from complications since undergoing surgery last October.

He affirmed that surgeries are being conducted daily to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Source: Emirates News Agency