MONTREAL, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Medicom Group, (“Medicom”), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surgical and respiratory masks, has announced plans to open a second mask production facility in France. The plant will be established as Medicom Kolmi-Hopen Engineering and will help the company serve incremental demand across Europe as Medicom continues to invest […]

أوستن، تكساس، 10 حزيران/يونيو، 2020 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلنت شركة سباي كلاود، شركة الوقاية من الاستيلاء الاحتيالي على الحسابات المالية والشركة الرائدة عالميا في استعادة البيانات المسروقة، عن شراكة جديدة لها مع شركة سباير سوليوشنز، الشركة المفضلة في الشرق الأوسط لتوزيع حلول وخدمات الأمن المعلوماتي ذات القيمة المضافة لمنع ومكافحة الاستيلاء الاحتيالي على […]

ABU DHABI,  To achieve higher financial inclusion and as part of its strategic objectives, the Central Bank of the UAE, CBUAE, has conducted a survey of 5,134 resident individuals, aged 15 years and above across the seven Emirates in the UAE, including students and low and mid-income individuals. The surveyContinue Reading

ABU DHABI,  The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, FANR, has obtained the Intellectual Property certifications for two of its prominent smart systems: Nuclear Technology Portal, NuTech, and FANR Awards, Recognition and Appreciation System, FARAS. The certifications, issued by the Ministry of Economy, reflect FANR’s commitment towards developing smart solutions inContinue Reading