2024 World AI Conference showcases how AI empowers education


SHANGHAI: The 2024 World AI Conference and High-Level Meeting on Global AI Governance have come to a successful conclusion. Compared with previous years, this year the exhibition lasted one more day and ended on Sunday, 7th July.

Since currently it is the summer vacation, the Ai-powered education exhibits attracted many visitors.

According to the SMG report, the scientific experiments, model building, and exercise conducted on tablets at China’s inaugural multi-scenario educational exhibits were remarkably attention-grabbing.

Nowadays, many educational artificial intelligence large-model technology products have been widely used both at home and in school. Dialogue tutoring, oral practice and reading comprehension applications are for home learning, whereas homework correction, academic analysis and question-answer tutoring are used mostly in schools. At present, educational artificial intelligence products have been deployed in more than 3,000 schools across the country, benefiting more than 2 million s
tudents of all ages.

With the continuous iteration of artificial intelligence plus education, technological innovation and educational practice keep integrating. How to locate the right role of AI in education and maximize its effectiveness are the most important topics in the future.

Among the artificial intelligence education bases for primary and secondary schools announced by China’s Ministry of Education, 6 primary and secondary schools in Shanghai were selected. Based on the influence and radiation effect of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Shanghai is attracting guests from all over China and the world to jointly explore the Shanghai solutions to cultivate and nurture the next generation of top talents.

Source: Emirates News Agency