4th Qatar Global Award for Dialogue Among Civilizations Launched


The ISESCO Chair in Alliance of Civilizations at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Qatar University launched the 4th edition of the Qatar Global Award For Dialogue Among Civilizations 2023-2024, in collaboration with the Qatar Committee for the Alliance of Civilizations (QCAC), alongside the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO).

The Award was established in 2018 in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar, represented by the QCAC to support the track of dialogue among civilizations that have made remarkable progress at the international level to underscore Qatar’s role in this multi-dimensional strategic file that gains a special interest from the State of Qatar, especially in the national vision 2030.

The new edition aims to activate the first field of national and international plans of the dialogue and alliance of civilizations, namely education in the context of the alliance of sciences, pay tribute to all knowledge without exception, identify the aspects of the relationship between sciences and knowledge, ways to practically activate the idea of knowledge integration in the education’s curricula, overcome the challenges related to the rupture between knowledge and conflict between them, curb cognitive biases through knowledge localization and its centrality, device a common civilized framework for education and scientific research, in addition to encouraging the innovative ideas and initiatives to achieve quality in education through bringing the natural, social and human disciplines together, as well as finding appropriate tools and approaches that embody knowledge integration.

In statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Director General of ISESCO Chair in Alliance of Civilizations Dr. Ezz El Din Maamish said the topic of the new edition was chosen to be under the theme of: “Science Dialogue: Towards a Civilized Framework for Knowledge Integration” to address schism and fragmentation in social and human sciences from one hand, and natural sciences, their standards and approaches from the other hand. He noted that the award topic seeks to correct the track of the relationship among knowledge fields.

In the context of the evolution of the civilized dialogue and its promotion to local and international corporate action, the education field was prioritized by designating it as a reliable work field whether in national plans of states, in academic and educational programs, or in the general plan of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) which oversees the file of the dialogue of civilizations in the UN with the engagement of the states in this track Maamish added.

He added that a new vision has been proposed in education systems, as well as fields of programs, curricula, and research associated with an effective strategy to correct the relationship between knowledge and sciences and overcome the rupture caused by psychological factors associated with the environmental, ideological, and cultural backgrounds.

Director General of ISESCO Chair in Alliance of Civilizations pointed out that the topic of the new edition strives to answer a set of questions, such as the nature of the relationship between knowledge and sciences, how the track of civilized dialogue and its evolution impact the area of integration among knowledge fields, as well as other major questions. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency