DUBAI, As a part of its annual, seasonal project, the Dar Al Ber Society announced that it was opening its doors to people for paying Zakat Al-Fitr towards achieving the legitimate, social, charitable and humanitarian objectives of their Islamic duty.

The society said this was in harmony with the state policy, its vision and the guidance of the leadership, while confirming that Zakat can also be paid through the 'Dubai Now' App.

The project covers the process of receiving Zakat and distributing it to beneficiaries who are entitled to it by the Sharia within the UAE and abroad. However, the 'Daily Food Project' provides the families with foodstuff according to the staple diet of each country, which includes rice, flour, corn, and millet, the society stated.

Mohammad Suhail Almuhairy, member of the Board of Directors and the head of the Social Services Sector in Dar Al Ber, confirmed that the society harnesses its crews and launches intensive efforts to accomplish the Zakat Al-Fitr project perfectly, and according to the Sharia regulations, a day or two before Eid, to ensure delivery to the beneficiaries.

Almuhairy pointed out that the amount of Zakat Al-Fitr is AED20 per person. While the Sharia has set the day of Eid just before the prayer of Eid as the best time to pay Zakat, it is legitimately permissible to pay it a day or two before Eid. Accordingly, the society and its counterparts can collect and distribute it early so that it can bring joy to the beneficiaries.

Dar Al Ber's records indicate that the society's distribution for Zakat Al-Fitr within the state last year was through 12 locations in different emirates. The beneficiaries then were 9,070 persons at a total cost of AED800000. At the same time, the society distributed Zakat in 36 countries benefitting 42,225 persons at a cost of AED1,256,484 in cooperation with 48 accredited charitable societies and organisations under the supervision and follow-up of the UAE embassies.

Source: Emirates News Agency