ABU DHABI, The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi announced that its inspection and monitoring team conducted 2,573 inspection field visits to site works in the right of way during January 2021. That is in comparison to 786 inspection campaigns conducted on October 2020 when the regulation was firstly implemented in aim to ensure the compliance with the terms and conditions of the regulations.

ITC stressed the importance of obtaining a permit before conducting any construction work in the right of way as it might endangers others and disrupt the traffic flow.

All contractors and companies implementing infrastructure works in the right of way responded professionally to the terms and conditions of the Traffic Detour Regulations. As an indication of their compliance with the regulations, the number of violation tickets issued decreased from 86 on October 2020 to 17 tickets on January 2021. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of traffic detour permit requests that are submitted according to the terms of regulations.

ITC stated that the number of road detour permits issued in Abu Dhabi since the implementation of the regulations on October 1st, 2020 in Abu Dhabi City, reached 5081 permits that were issued until February 21, 2021 of a total of 5613 permits requests ITC has received and completed working on 3277 traffic detours.

The permits issued in Abu Dhabi City during the same time period reached 3971 permits, which is 87.2 percent of the total of 4428 requests, this is an increase of 80 percent of the total number of requests received during the same period of last year. Whereas in Al Ain, 362 permit requests were submitted and 335 permits have been issued.

In order to ensure road users’ safety and that the implementation of the regulations is precisely followed, ITC formed performance indicator for the traffic safety which is the number of constructions works that are implemented in compliance with the regulations by monitoring the number of ongoing constructions and violated works and issue tickets. This indicator increased from 90 percent in October to 99.2 percent in January 2021.

ITC ensured that following the procedures and practices mentioned in the regulations contributed to enhancing the levels of traffic safety, reducing the negative impact of the traffic and eliminating the risk of causing accidents. This improved the quality of services and cut down expenses for contractors and companies.

ITC has prepared the implementation guidelines of the Traffic Detour Executive Regulations and was published on its website: www.itc.gov.ae The guideline addresses all related policies, procedures and required practices that should be followed to ensure the safety of the public during the implementation of construction work.

ITC started the implementation of the Traffic Detour Regulations in coordination with its stakeholders in order to implement roads’ infrastructure projects according to the highest standards and practices followed in this field. This is in aim of ensuring the traffic safety and prevent the risk of endangering road users.

The Executive Regulations enforce penalties against violators and prohibit all construction work in the right of way without firstly obtaining a traffic permit. This is in order to ensure the safety of the public and not to damage public and private facilities or infrastructures.


Source: Emirates News Agency