A working session in Sana’a to review population action program in health, women and media sectors

A working session was held in Sana'a to review the population action program in the sectors of health, women, media, and civil society organizations, organized on Monday by the General Secretariat of the National Population Council.

With the participation of relevant authorities, the session reviewed the Population Action Program matrix to implement the objectives of the updated National Population Policy for the period 2023-2025 AD, as well as the draft Population Action Program to implement the National Population Policy.

At the opening, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, Dr. Najib Al-Qobati, pointed out the importance of the session in enriching the population action program within the framework of the state’s general orientation in paying attention to population issues.

He touched on the directions of the Ministry of Health in this aspect, pointing out that it is in the process of issuing the two national strategies for maternal and newborn health and midwifery.

Dr. Al-Qubati stressed the keenness to improve maternal and newborn health at all levels, including continuous health care, reviewing the ministry’s efforts in developing strategies to advance the health sector in implementation of the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state.

In the session attended by the Secretary-General of the Council, Dr. Ahmed Burji, Assistant Secretary-General Mutahar Zabara pointed out that the session coincided with the Yemeni people’s celebrations of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, after holding a meeting with the education sector, the workforce, and youth.

He explained that this session aims to discuss the population action program to implement the objectives of the updated national population policy in accordance with the executive plans of the partners in population and development... indicating that the program comes to frame and organize work to follow up on the achievement in achieving the updated policy and its objectives that were discussed and approved by the population action partners in the expanded meeting which was held at the end of last year.

He stressed the Council's keenness to hold these meetings with technicians in the relevant authorities to focus on interventions to implement the objectives of the National Population Policy, as the process of advancing population work is an integrated responsibility between various authorities.

Meanwhile, the Council’s Director of Planning and Resource Development, Abdul Malik Sharaf Al-Din, reviewed the population action program matrix.

Source: Yemen News Agency