ABU DHABI, The Department of Community Development, DCD, has urged members of the Abu Dhabi community to participate in the second General Social Survey Quality of Life Questionnaire 2019.

This year, DCD has added four languages to the questionnaire, in addition to Arabic and English. The new languages include Tagalog, Urdu, Bengali and Telugu.

The survey seeks to identify the needs and aspirations of the people of Abu Dhabi by focusing on their quality of life and well-being, and is in line with DCD's vision to ensure a dignified life for all people in Abu Dhabi.

The Questionnaire is one of DCD's tools to involve Abu Dhabi's community in building a better future and unlocking the full potential of the nation through its community members.

DCD noted that the Questionnaire focuses on areas such as housing, jobs and earnings, household incomes and wealth, health, education and skills, personal safety and security, social connections, civic engagement and governance, quality of environment, well-being, and work-life balance.

The department is using artificial intelligence tools to enable its researchers to identify the community's top priorities, and to assist field researchers.

The Questionnaire can be accessed at:

Source: Emirates News Agency