DUBAI, The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, DoH, and the Dubai Health Authority, DHA, announced that they are strategically partnering to achieve the objectives and vision of the UAE in developing an international healthcare model that promotes quality of life and enhances health.

The announcement was made during a meeting that took place at the DHA headquarters in Dubai, which was attended by Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohamed Al Hamed, DoH Chairman, and Humaid Al Qutami, DHA Director-General, along with several officials and specialists from both sides.

During the meeting, both parties stressed the importance of cooperation and strengthening relations to achieve shared goals, especially those tied to the smart transformation the country is currently witnessing.

The topics discussed during the meeting also included electronically linking health systems between Dubai and Abu Dhabi through "Malafi" and "Nabidh", health insurance rules and procedures, exchange of data and information related to health regulations, especially the licencing process for doctors, visiting physicians, medical education and research, capacity planning and the outpatient treatment system.

Both parties highlighted the importance of implementing shared training and occupational growth programmes, as well as exchanging experiences and skills, in line with the country's directives.

DoH presented details on Malafi, the first system-of-its-kind in the region, launched for exchanging health information. The new system will link more than 2,000 public and private health facilities, which provides services to more than three million people.

Meanwhile, the DHA shared its latest developmental strategy, Salama medical electronic system, and the most important initiatives and expansion plans, which aim to raise the quality of health services provided to the people of Dubai.

Al Hamed said, "Working with one team spirit is the basis for laying the foundation for the next ambitious stage of the health sector and drawing the features of its future. The next phase will be based on technology, innovation and Artificial Intelligence. We aim to complete the successful path that our late father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan started, which puts the health and well-being of the society at the top of the priority list."

Al Qutami stressed that the UAE has witnessed successive booms in the health sector, with its institutions, technologies and medical facilities that are on par with international standards.

Partnering with DoH represents an additional force that supports the UAE's position and enhances its influential role in the development of medicine and integrated health care systems, he said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency