ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, - Researchers from Emirates Global Aluminium,

(EGA), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), are set to team up, to research and develop new technologies that will further improve EGA's aluminium smelting processes.

The collaboration will see graduate students from MIT's School of Chemical Engineering Practice, running six research projects at EGA's smelter operations in Jebel Ali and Al Taweelah, focusing on promoting greater efficiency in EGA's processes.

Nine PhD and Masters students from MIT will be based at an MIT Practice Station at EGA's facilities, between Oct and Dec, to work on the research projects.

The projects will focus on processes in the EGA power plant, reduction facilities, carbon area and in the technology development and transfer department.

Last year's programme resulted in the development of new technologies that were implemented at EGA's Jebel Ali smelter and power plant.

The initiative is being managed by EGA's Centre of Excellence, which is part of the Technology Development and Transfer Department. The centre selected the research topics, in consultation with operational areas, for their relevance to the MIT programme and potential value to EGA.

Source: Nam News Network