ABU DHABI -- The General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police is organising an awareness campaign, under the theme, "Their Security is Our Happiness," with the aim of improving the security and safety of students during the new school year 2017/2018.

Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, Director-General of Central Operations at the Abu Dhabi Police, stated that they have prepared a plan, which includes traffic, security and community awareness, targeting the various segments of the school community, such as students, parents and school administrators, to improve their safety during the new school year, which will start next Sunday, 10th of September.

He added that the Abu Dhabi Police, through its specialised departments, has completed its preparations for the new school year and will intensify its traffic patrols, especially at intersections near schools. A specialist awareness team will also guide children to the meeting point of school buses and improve their awareness of traffic rules and regulations, to ensure their safety and improve the flow of traffic, he further added.

Al Dhaheri called on drivers to follow the new traffic rules and regulations while transporting children to and from schools, to ensure their safety and security. He also called on them to be aware of traffic movements for everyone's safety, and be responsible for giving pedestrians the opportunity to safely cross all roads.

He explained to the drivers and vehicle users the need to come to a complete halt when the 'stop' side arm of the school bus is open in either direction, at a distance no less than five metres, to ensure that students can cross safely and securely.

Al Dhaheri stressed that the Abu Dhabi Police would implement their activities and programmes to coincide with the new school year. This would encourage students to take precautions and establish a positive behaviour among them towards traffic and security.

He praised the support provided by the wise leadership in the educational journey, and the keenness of the Abu Dhabi government to build effective government programmes to achieve the emirate's vision of becoming one of the five best governments in the world.

He stressed the family's role in strengthening and monitoring the children and securing their safety in co-operation with the police. He also noted the role of the media in achieving the goals of "Their Safety is our Happiness" campaign, through effective co-operation and strengthening family awareness among all segments of the community and school students.

This would contribute towards providing a safe, as well as stable, educational and community environment in the society, which has achieved exceptional standards internationally in terms of security and safety.

Source: Emirates News Agency