ABU DHABI -- Shamma bint Sohail Faris Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, and Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, witnessed the launch ceremony of the Abu Dhabi Police Youth Council initiative at the Police Officers' Club.

In his speech, Al Rumaithi said that the launch of the council comes as part of Abu Dhabi Police's efforts to translate the aspirations, directions and care of our wise leadership for the youth, who are considered the pioneers of development, and the builders of the future.

The wise leadership strives to employ all the capabilities and resources to enable the youth to effectively participate and present their ideas. The aim is to develop security work mechanisms, strengthen stability, apply these ideas, employ them, and transform them into reality for the youth.

Al Rumaithi stressed that the council's strategy is focussed on raising the level of happiness and strengthening the feeling of positivity in the youth sector. It seeks to strengthen the means of safety and give the youth a chance to take charge of the developmental initiatives and projects related to the security and police sector.

It also aims to develop mechanisms, which would help their participation in the stages of decision-making, and encourage them to innovate and create. They would be given the opportunity to contribute in specifying the necessities of developing police and community work in line with the directions of the Abu Dhabi government, the Abu Dhabi Police strategies and the Emirates Youth Council.

This would be implemented through adoption of the best outputs that help in the development of their abilities, leadership skills, loyalty and self-confidence to be the men of the present, and the future builders of the nation.

Shamma bint Sohail said that the launch of the council is considered a great addition and a leading step to strengthen the abilities of the country's youth, enable them to offer positive contributions towards becoming the future pioneers of security, and strengthen the goal of the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police in maintaining the benefits achieved in the field for the security of the community.

She pointed out that the Emirates Youth Council is a strategic partner of the council and there will be co-ordination between both sides in achieving common goals. She clarified that the council comes in the context of the initiatives and achievements of the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police.

Shamma bint Sohail and Al Rumaithi launched the website for the Abu Dhabi Police Youth Council, which contains many services including participation requests in discussion sessions and suggestions about topics for youth sessions.

The launch of the council aims to sharpen the skills of the youth in the police force, develop their skills, and adopt their innovations to make it a beacon of communication between the youth. It also seeks to enable youngsters to express their interests, which will help find the best solutions to security problems and encourage them to help implement the strategy of Abu Dhabi and the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police.

Source: Emirates News Agency