ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, - The Special Olympics International (SOI), announced on Wednesday, that, its board of directors chose Abu Dhabi, as venue of the 2019 World Summer Games, the flagship event for Special Olympics.

The SOI Board unanimously voted to award the World Games to Abu Dhabi, based on a comprehensive bid proposal, a site visit by a Board Committee, and the country's vision, to create inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities.

That vision begins with the United Arab Emirates and extends to their region and the world.

The UAE is close to Asia, the Middle East and Africa, so the Games are expected to have a very broad benefit.

"Having the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi is revolutionary for our movement and for the Middle East Region," said Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics Chairman.

The Games, be held in Mar, 2019, will be the world's largest humanitarian and sporting event of 2019, according to a statement by the SOI.

Source: Nam News Network