ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi's non-oil foreign merchandise trade in January stood at AED12.4 billion, according to figures released by the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi Thursday.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comes on top of the emirate's trade partners' list with AED300 million worth of exports received from Abu Dhabi.

According to the figures, the value of exports during January 2018 increased to 2.00 billion, up 32.9 percent from AED1.52 in January 2017.

The noticeable increase in the volume of exports comes against a decline in imports to AED8.6 billion from AED12.4 billion in January 2017, with re-exports hitting AED1.733 billion.

The statistics cover the value of non-oil foreign merchandise trade which entered or exited the territory of Abu Dhabi through the emirate's air, sea and land points of entry, and do not cover non-oil exports and imports through ports of other Emirates in the UAE.

Industrial accessories got the lion's share of Abu Dhabi exports, amounting to around AED1.87 billion, thus accounting for 93.5 percent of January's total exports. In the same fashion, industrial commodities were valued at AED3.6 billion out of the emirate's total imports, while transportation equipment came first in terms of re-exports, at a value of AED992 million.

In terms of re-exports, China comes on top of the emirate's trade partners, with a total of AED286 million in January, a growth of 34.1 percent over the corresponding period in 2017. Then comes Kuwait with a total of AED216 million worth of re-exports, then Bahrain, AED215 million and finally Egypt, AED191 million.

The largest volume of the emirate's imports in January came from the USA at a total value of AED1.1 billion, then Saudi Arabia, AED888 million,Japan, AED877 million, China, AED574 million, and finally Germany, AED550 million.

Source: Emirates News Agency