Speaking before an assembled group of military communication experts from around the world at the C4ISR Summit in Abu Dhabi, HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh proposed the establishment of a "Gulf Resilience Readiness Center."

Drawing from his experience as a leader in the fields of education, information and communications technology, and intellectual property protection he identified a vision for the future by integrating emerging trends in a variety of fields to produce an education and training platform for next-generation leaders to confront emerging global challenges and regional complex emergencies.

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh's call "to build new partnerships at the leading edge of the knowledge revolution for smart security and community resilience" accentuated the challenges, opportunities and solutions necessary to enable the Gulf region to capitalize on its position as both a global hub and emerging center of excellence.

The Gulf Resilience Readiness Center can help the Arab World capitalize better on technological change which, as Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh noted, is accelerating in many areas. The center also can help the Arab World have better access to, and control of, information, while promoting more innovative ways of learning. This will be especially important in light of the "tsunami" of change that is sweeping the field of education.

The center can help promote changes in how organizations, people, processes and technology come together in the Arab World to produce wealth and prosperity, development and security. It can fulfill a very important role in helping the militaries of the Arab World understand better the "soft skills" required by the global "knowledge revolution" and prepare for the upcoming "age of experience."

He encouraged the conference attendees to take advantage of these convergences and join him in working to establish the Gulf Resilience Readiness Center as a World Center of Excellence to help address the compelling security and development goals of the Arab world.

Source: National News Agency