ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy (ADJA) concluded recently the first refresher course for the members of the Abu Dhabi Judiciary for the year 2021.

The course was attended by 90 judges and prosecutors from the different criminal chambers of first instance, appeal and cassation courts, as part of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department’s efforts to improve judgments to the highest international practices, through continuous training and development for judges and prosecutors to keep abreast of changes and developments at different levels.

The objective of this remotely held course, under the oversight of the Judicial Inspection Division of the ADJD, is to develop the skills of national cadres, including judges and members of the Public Prosecution, on the scope and objectives of the new amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law and the Penal Code, in order to unify views and concepts in accordance with sound principles of legal and judicial interpretation, and thus achieve the legislator’s goals of a world-class and accomplished justice.

Counselor Ali Al-Shaer Al Dhaheri, Director of the Judicial Inspection Division, stressed the importance of organising these refresher courses for judges and officers of the court, given their role in enriching judicial and legal thinking through exchanging views and discussing the most important practices and issues related to the topics raised in the workshops, which enhances the exchange of experiences, transfer of knowledge and unification of views among judges, leading to the best judicial practices and achieving global leadership of the judicial system.

Ali Al-Shaer added that the course aims to shed light on the recently introduced amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law and the Penal Code, which include the amendment of some provisions of the Penal Code, in addition to the amendment of some provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law and the Law on the Jurisdiction of Sharia Courts over certain crimes, indicating that the new amendments are part of the UAE’s ongoing efforts to develop its legislative and judicial structure, consistent with its identity and reflecting the UAE’s openness in the legislative environment as a country compatible with multiculturalism.

For its part, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy said that the refresher course for the members of the judiciary covered several topics, the most important of which are the new developments in Criminal Procedure Law, where the major objectives of modernisation of the legislative structure of the said law were discussed in terms of affirmation of rights and freedoms in criminal proceedings, in accordance with international conventions and treaties. As regards the part of the course relating to the Penal Code updates, it dealt with the upgrading of the legislative structure in accordance with the model of a country open to the world.


Source: Emirates News Agency