The Abu Dhabi City Municipality and Abu Dhabi Ports have explored means of boosting joint cooperation and forging closer ties that pave the way for sharing expertise, plans, programs and initiatives in various fields under the overall objective of enhancing bilateral relations in the public interest.

To this effect the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Sector at Abu Dhabi City Municipality has recently received a delegation from Abu Dhabi Ports. The Municipality commended these visits as they contribute to boosting the cooperation with distinguished entities, enable benefiting from expertise, and sharing successful practices with other parties.

The Head of Partners Relations Management Section Ms. Taflah Amani Al Tamimi, gave an elaborate explanation of the roles of the Municipality as well as external municipal centers and the services delivered to the community. It also screened the key projects undertaken by the Municipality to improve the level of public services.

The Municipality briefed the delegation of Abu Dhabi Ports on the best practices adopted by the management of strategic partners relationships according to Priority No. 4 aimed at propping up the complementary relationships between partners including a technique of preparing and implementing a methodology for managing partners relationships. The meeting also touched on the status and adoption of business procedures aligned with the highest international practices. The meeting also discussed the ranking and analysis of partners, identifying the importance of the relationship, and measuring the satisfaction rating.

The meeting reviewed the experiences, practices and achievements of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, and its role in supporting sustainable development.

At the end of the meeting, Humaid Rashid Al Dera'ee, Acting Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management Sector, presented a trophy to the head of Abu Dhabi Ports delegation Abdullah Sultan Al Khazimi in recognition of their kind, valuable and meaningful initiative. He reiterated the Municipality's keenness to boost bilateral relations with national entities for the sake of benefiting community members and improved services.

Source: Abu Dhabi City Development