ABU DHABI, The Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector at Abu Dhabi City Municipality, ADM, in cooperation with strategic partners, has organised a training workshop on implementing modern technologies in road construction designs in Abu Dhabi.

Sami Abul Qader Al Hashimi, Director of Technical Support for Infrastructure, began the workshop by stressing that Abu Dhabi City Municipality is keen to draw on the expertise that supports its engineers and improve their performance and skills in road construction. It also sought to screen the best practices and technologies of the industry in line with the Abu Dhabi Government infrastructure and the sweeping development taking place in the Emirate.

The infrastructure sector is undertaking a host of training programmes aimed at raising the efficiency of employees and providing them with the latest global practices that empower them to perform their duties efficiently. The workshop focussed on training municipal engineers and strategic partners - engineers, consultants, contractors and workers in road construction projects - in Abu Dhabi. It reviewed the latest technologies applied globally in road construction designs contained in Abu Dhabi Road Construction Designs Manual 2017.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality along with relevant institutions contributed to the publication of unified codes for designing, constructing, and maintaining roads and infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, as per road-construction designs of Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council Guide 2017 and the latest relevant practices.

The workshop also discussed the implementation of the latest international practices in Abu Dhabi's road-construction designs, calculating the cost of the life cycle of paved roads, and the design of road layers using plastic networks according to the latest international standards.

Attendees of the workshop included several parties such as the municipality's engineers, relevant governmental institutions, and consultants and contractors working in road-construction projects.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality honoured Parsons International Limited and Tensor International for their participation.

Source: Emirates News Agency