ABU DHABI, Today, the IRENA Assembly adopted a decision to pay tribute to current Director-General Adnan Z. Amin for his outstanding contribution to the establishment, development and work of IRENA, and accorded Amin, at the conclusion of his tenure as the first Director-General of IRENA, the honorary title of Director-General Emeritus.

The draft decision, proposed by the UAE, recognises the leadership of Amin during the formative years of the agency. It further notes his contribution towards establishing a sound institutional and administrative framework for IRENA, thus enabling the agency to successfully carry out its mission of accelerating the deployment of renewable energy across the world, while remaining an agile and inclusive organisation.

The decision further recognises the significant achievements of IRENA during Amin's tenure, including reaching a near-universal membership of 160 Members in January 2019, considerably expanding its activities and providing effective support to its Members in the ongoing global energy transition to a sustainable future.

The IRENA Assembly adopted the decision during the Ninth Assembly of IRENA, the ultimate decision-making body of the agency.

Source: Emirates News Agency