ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has held its ninth annual Undergraduate Research Competition (URC) and awards ceremony, to provide an opportunity for students to transform their creative ideas into research and innovation projects to support the development of their 21st-century skills.

ADU’s URC is the largest undergraduate research event in the GCC and MENA region that encompasses all major programmes and serves as a platform that allows universities to showcase their undergraduate research.

This year’s competition witnessed its highest number of submissions received from 320 research teams, which included 813 students supported by 367 mentors from 53 universities across ten countries, including GCC countries and beyond.

Teams were also given the opportunity to submit their research projects to be included in the “Launchpad Start-Up” programme in collaboration with ADU Innovation strategy (ADUi), which serves as an engine for advancing innovation and entrepreneurship education in the UAE by supporting the incubation of university enterprises.

For selected projects, the Launchpad Start-Up programme nurtures a pipeline of university start-up and spin-out businesses by providing support, including mentoring and funding, to transform their promising projects into commercial enterprises.

During the competition, ten teams from Abu Dhabi University and 60 teams from other universities were awarded prizes across 27 categories for their outstanding research, with three teams granted Launchpad Start-up Initiative Awards.

Through URC, the university enables young researchers to explore methods that extend their knowledge and improve their critical and analytical thinking by presenting their projects to a panel of judges from various universities and industries.

Professor Philip Hamill, Associate Provost for Research and Academic Development at Abu Dhabi University (ADU), said, “We are honoured to once again collaborate with ExxonMobil to host the ninth edition of the annual Undergraduate Research Competition. We owe this accomplishment to all the students who submitted their projects and participated in Abu Dhabi University’s URC. The competition aims to equip students with a research-centric and entrepreneurial mindset which will best prepare them for the knowledge-economy driven job market.”

Christian Lenoble, ExxonMobil’s UAE Lead Country Manager, commented, “In the UAE, we work with ADU to ensure our efforts are tailored to address both students and educational needs. We are committed to education being the fundamental building block of individual opportunity and economic growth, one in which STEM skills, in particular, is critical. Towards that goal, we are privileged to sponsor Abu Dhabi University’s URC for the past two years, fostering the interest of students in the UAE and the region to try out new ideas and innovate with cutting edge technology.”

Source: Emirates News Agency