ABU DHABI, -- An Abu Dhabi-based clinic has helped an Emirati couple in their early 40s to experience childbirth at an advanced age.

"The journey has been long, but the results are sweet. IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic gave us the family we thought we'd never have," said Ayesha, a second-time parent to a healthy baby.

Ayesha and her husband Hamid, both around 40 years, were fighting secondary infertility since eight years. They had no problem conceiving their first child, but trying for a second baby was getting complicated. Unable to figure out, the couple consulted the fertility specialist at IVI Fertility and found that Ayesha had very low ovarian reserve while Hamid was diagnosed with azoospermia � a condition which results in no sperm in the ejaculation process.

"Post first consultation, Hamid was administered a hormonal therapy for three months which significantly improved his sperm quality. He was also recommended to freeze his semen multiple times so that they could be used later in the In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) / Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) treatment. ICSI is one of the most utilised and successful methodology of IVF which involves the injection of a single sperm directly into a mature egg in the IVF laboratory," said Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi, Medical Director of IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic Abu Dhabi, Subspecialist Reproductive Medicine & Reproductive Surgery.

"At IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, a lot of emphasis is put on patient education. Extensive counselling is given to familiarise them with the designed treatment. Before the start of IVF/ICSI treatment, the clinic also customises the ovarian stimulation protocol as per the patient's needs for egg production. These eggs are then collected and each egg is injected with a single sperm from the spouse. The rest of the process is same as IVF," added Dr. Fatemi.

The UAE healthcare market is projected to reach AED71.56 billion by 2020, achieving an annual average growth of 12.7 per cent, marginally higher than the GCC growth average, according to a recent industry report.

The outpatient and inpatient markets are projected to amount to AED 44.4 billion and AED 27.5 billion, respectively, in 2020. The country is likely to see an increase in demand for the number of hospital beds at nearly 3 percent every year to reach more than 13,800 beds by 2020, according to Alpen Capital's GCC Healthcare Industry report.

Source: Emirates News Agency