Kabul (BNA) According to the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the approval of basic lines of the Afghan foreign policy, the procedure of diplomacy apparatus for safeguarding of our territorial integrity, ensuring national interests and access of Afghanistan to an equal position among the world countries, would be cleared.
Addressing the meeting of 12th anniversary of the constitution the Afghan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Salahuddin Rabbani, said, “The constitution has defined Afghanistan as an independent and inseparable country and determined big national principles, interests and goals.”
“The most important responsibilities of the MoFA are to work in the direction of preservation of national independence, territorial integrity at international arena and following of big national interests and objectives which are inserted in the constitution”, the minister added, saying that whenever the diplomacy apparatus of Afghanistan can carry out its basic duties in the framework of the constitution, then we can manage to specify our main course of defending values within a codified and approved foreign policy and our emphasize for codification of our foreign policy basic principles is in the direction of this objective.
“The MoFA is pleased to hand over the draft of foreign policy basic lines which is prepared for the first time comprehensively and scientifically in the direction of institutionalization of rule of law and in the light of the constitution, to the house of representatives”, Rabbani added, reiterating that with the finalization of foreign policy basic lines, the diplomacy apparatus of Afghanistan would get rid of confusion and uncertainty and diplomat knows his missions and should work for implementation of the goals and programs.
Another priority of the MoFA in the direction of rule of law in the diplomacy apparatus is finalization of the law on diplomatic and consulates services employees. This law would describe the diplomacy aspartates as a vanguard and capable body and would pave the way to take basic steps towards essential reforms.
The house has time and again requested the government to codify and send the basic lines of the foreign policy as soon as possible for approval.
According to international experts, following the establishment of the parliament, based on article 63 of the constitution, the president in consultation with different political factions, and professional masterminds, would have determined the basic lines of foreign policy and had sent it for approval of the house, so in the light of it, different government bodies including the diplomacy apparatus drafted their plans and implemented.
Abu Bakr Mottaqi member of independent commission on overseeing and implementation of the constitution, called the Afghan constitution as one of the best in its kind.
“Several articles of the constitution are related to the MoFA and we would see that what has been done in the past 12 years in those directions”, he added.
Based on the constitution, support of citizens’ rights outside the country is one of the jobs of the MoFA. So our diplomats should have sufficient knowledge on the consultation and other prevailing laws to manage better representative overseas.
Lailuma Noori