CAIRO, 11th May, 2016 (WAM) — Arab League Secretary-General, Dr. Nabil Al Arabi, met on Tuesday with the Arab Parliament Speaker, Ahmad bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, as part of joint cooperation and coordination between the two sides.

At the beginning of the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League, Al Jarwan gave a presentation on the results of the emergency joint meeting of the Arab Parliament Office and the Committee of Foreign and Political Affairs and National Security, on the latest developments in Syria, especially in the city of Aleppo and a plan of action adopted by the Arab Parliament in order to strengthen the path of political solution to Syrian crisis, as well as to find a practical solutions to put an end to the suffering of the Syrian people and also to the failure of the international community towards them.

Al Jarwan confirmed that the action plan adopted by the Arab Parliament, which is mainly aimed at strengthening the truce and push for accelerating the solution to the Syrian crisis and restore the Arab initiative to contribute to the solution of the Arab conflict and to building on the successful experiences in this field, as well as to transfer the Geneva negotiations to one of the Arab capitals.

Al Jarwan pointed out that the Arab Parliament will send delegations to the parliaments of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and the European Commission, and a number of international and regional parliaments, to explain the vision of the Arab Parliament as a representative of the Arab people and inviting them to urge their countries to implement international resolutions and to contribute to find an urgent and practical solution to the suffering of the Syrian people.

Dr. Al Arabi welcomed the initiative, stressing the importance of communicating with parliaments due to their impact on the decisions of their governments.

Dr. Al Arabi reiterated the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States’s readiness to coordinate and cooperate with the Arab Parliament in everything that contributes to serving the interests of the Arab nation.