GENEVA, 3rd March, 2016 (WAM)— Permanent Representative of Yemen to European Headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Dr. Ali Mohammed Majawar, has stressed that the current systematic acts committed by al-Houthi militia and Ali Abdullah Saleh group are unprecedented and blatantly violate the human rights in Yemen.

He added that these crimes are characterised with barbarism, racism and disregard of all laws, customs and rights.

In his statement before the 31st session of Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday, the Yemeni representative confirmed that “the coup militias committed one of the greatest crimes regarding continuous recruitment of the children in addition to daily crimes against humanity in the Yemeni cities.”

According to the Yemen’s official news agency, Majawar said that “The magnitude of the tragedy unfolding in Yemen was triggered by the military coup carried out by the Houthi and Saleh group, with intention to destroy Yemen’s infrastructure, institutions and take over banks and public money as well as violate all human values and tearing the social fabric, promote the hate speech and racism, encourage terrorism and support the forces of extremism.”

He pointing out that they targeted military and security camps in Saada, Amran towns and villages in north of Sana’a.

Majawar noted that the militias are committing one of the major crimes in the world, as they continue to recruit children and siege cities with minefields as well as daily crimes against humanity in an unprecedented manner.

He added that Sana’a has been turned into a ghost city, where hundreds of political activists and young people are kidnapped, noting that the militias shut down all independent media outlets and websites that oppose the coup.

Majawar pointed out that the militias toppled the legitimate government on 21st September 2014 amid protest of all components of Yemen and their political parties to the coup, which was also rejected by the international community.

He stressed that “What is happening in Yemen is not just conflicting political views, as some may believe, but it is a full-fledged coup against the legitimacy through an armed militia backed by some rebel units of the army and security.

Majawar said that the world remembers how al-Houthi and Saleh militias violated all the national agreements, political understandings and legitimacy, starting from alleged protests on oil derivatives and entry into Sana’a to seize power and target and siege the state leaders, notably Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and Prime Minister in their homes since the 9th January. They prevented all contact with them risking their lives to danger.

He stressed the militia felt that the strengthening of the state institutions and consolidation of the democratic process would not allow them to seize power. Hence, they seized the power to abort the legitimacy.

The representative of Yemen said the coup militias refuse to become a legal political body like other political parties in a diverse country that respects diversity based on respect for political and intellectual differences. “They are armed groups that believe in a wrong religious idea that stokes split in community and works to break up the social fabric of Yemen,” he added.

He explained that the political slogan of the Houthi militia is death to other religions, nations and America, as well as curse to the Jews. He said these phrases are in contrary to the essence of the true Islamic religion, which calls for tolerance, love and rejection of death to others, and forbids defamation of religions.

Majawar pointed out that the greatest crime committed against the people of Yemen by these coup forces is not only the destruction of towns and installations, but the destruction of human beings and spreading of the culture of hatred, ripping the society and dissemination of extremism speech.

 He called for the importance of implementing the international resolutions, in particular the resolution No. 2216 and the resolutions of the comprehensive national dialogue, and the restoration of all state institutions, setting up a national government to lead the country in the transitional period based on the comprehensive national dialogue favoured by the people of Yemen, the GCC initiative and its executive mechanism.

 He said that Yemen is exposed to the worst contemporary crimes that require the Human Rights Council and the international community to act to end the bloody coup that promotes systematic hatred, violence, and encourages terrorism.

The permanent representative of Yemen appreciated on behalf of Yemen’s president, government and people, the humanitarian attitudes towards his country, stressing Yemen’s firm position on its human rights as the only way to achieve stability and peace worldwide.

“We are confident that the right voice will remain in this Council. Fairness and justice will support the just cause of the people of Yemen who are peace, justice, freedom and human rights loving people,” Majawar concluded.