CAIRO, 8th June, 2016 (WAM)–Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, Speaker of the Arab Parliament has denounced the humanitarian violations against the Iraqi people, especially in the city of Fallujah, at the hands of armed militias involved in the ongoing military operations.

In a statement, Al Jarwan said today that “Such acts and violations in Fallujah, reported by the UN and covered extensively by the media cannot be tolerated.”

He stressed that the behaviour of such militias sow sedition and sectarian strife among the Iraqi people. Al Jarwan wondered about the role of the Iraqi government to stop such violations.

The Arab parliament speaker called on the Iraqi government to take charge over the Fallujah operation to prevent such violations on the ground, and not to allow the militias to continue such violations and abuses against humanity.

Al Jarwan also urged the Iraqi government to bring perpetrators to book, hoping for restoration of Iraq free from the terrorism and sectarianism.