CAIRO, 19th August, 2016 (WAM) – Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, has expressed his astonishment at the silence of the international community on the unfolding and indiscriminate shelling and killing of besieged Syrian civilians, especially children by the Assad regime and his aides.

In a statement, Al Jarwan said today that the picture of a Syrian child, Omran Dagneesh, that has been circulated through the media and social networking sites after he was bailed out from the rubble covered with the blood because of the barbaric bombardment, “summarises the tragic situation of civilians in Aleppo, especially children.”

The Arab parliament speaker denounced the ongoing crimes against humanity in the besieged city, and wondered why the world was turning a blind eye to these appalling atrocities.

He called on the people of the free world not to keep silent about all these atrocities, adding that they should put pressure on their governments to act to stop the bleeding in Syria.