ABU DHABI, Ankabut the Emirates Advanced National Research and Education Network today announced that it is fully geared up and prepared to ensure the continuity of distant learning capabilities and the smooth running of all network services related to higher education and the K12 sector in the UAE and the region.

Managed by the Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Ankabut - the Arabic word for spider - is jointly funded by the Telecom Regulatory Authority through the ICT Fund.

Ankabut's Data Centre resilience guarantees quality performance and protection without interruption, and offers privileges, including customised solutions, security, a core business focus, reduced downtime and 24/7 operations.

Fahem Al Nuaimi, Chief Executive Officer, Ankabut, said, Ankabut's cloud-based and managed services will ensure continuity with our secure, resilient, 24/7 support under all circumstances. As a key provider of education-related network services, our priority will be to ensure reliable operations in areas such as distant learning, library services, research computing and the individual accessibility of applications. With the strength of our already proven abilities, we firmly believe that all educational institutions in the UAE can seek our full support in their day-to-day or special operations, related to academic or research works.

Ankabut offers several services and applications that can remain the core strength of any academic institution in the UAE. This includes the learning management system, library management system, video communication platform, cyber-security services and software-defined data centre. It provides dedicated, unconstrained network connectivity for research and educational institutions, catering to niche institutional demands throughout the country. Currently, it connects 34 higher education institutions with overseas educational networks around the world.

Ankabut's reliable, dynamic and secure cloud solution, Mozoon, supports education and research and development in the UAE, while enhancing the academic experience by hosting vendor solutions. The software-defined data centre, Mozoon is offered as Infrastructure As A Service, providing users more flexibility and control, in addition to being cost-effective, and can be tapped for big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Source: Emirates News Agency