LONDON, 31st January, 2017 (WAM) — Board members of the Anti-Smoking International Alliance, ASIA, has issued a resolution confirming Dubai as the regional headquarters for the alliance.

In a recent meeting held in London, presided by the Emirati Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, ASIA Chairman, members voted unanimously for the decision, which will see Dubai become the location for the office which will cover all anti-smoking activities and initiatives held in the country and within its members in the Arab World, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The decision was based on Dubai’s geographical and strategic location being a hub and a meeting point that connects the entire world together through a number of national airlines. The city is also well known for its outstanding infrastructure, airports, ports and transportation services, in addition to its investment and commercial facilities and, most importantly, the safety and security that the United Arab Emirates provides.

Dr. Al Madani said, “The UAE is one of the countries that combats smoking, and the government has issued very strict directives to ban smoking in public areas, malls, governmental entities, ministries and hospitals. All of these factors have marked Dubai as a prime location for the International Smoking Alliance to make the city its regional headquarters for supporting individuals and associations.”

“I am very proud of being the first personality to be elected from outside Europe and the first Arab to hold this position. Since I was elected, I have strived to introduce changes in the alliance and adopt a number of activities that help in banning smoking, and the first resolution that I introduced when I was elected is making Arabic language as the second official language after English. We have also accepted more members on board who were diligent and excited to work with us from different countries,” he added.

ASIA members decided to divide the alliance’s activities among three regions, where the office in London will cover all the activities in Europe, the Arizona office will cover the activities of the United States, and the Dubai office will cover the rest of the world.