MIAMI, Feb. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —  True and Rich is the debut motivational book of a unique Millennial millionaire.  Author Ryan “Egypt” El-Hosseiny is just 28 and his memoir introduces his insights on living a successful life, based in large part on his rich endeavors as a young entrepreneur and as an Arab-American.  He rose above a challenging youth and ADHD to become an unofficial international ambassador who bridges Middle East businesses and culture with America’s business world.
‘ Egypt,’ who lives in South Florida, shows how the secret to his success is to be true – “true to who I am” and to never let “one break me and change the way I am,” and to be rich – “because I’ve always been rich in my heart.  Rich comes from the inside.” He has learned many lessons to grow as an entrepreneur, including avoiding negative people and bad influences, being aware of people looking to take advantage of you, and that decisions that you make determine where and how your talent will be used.
His inspiring story shares many honest moments in a life filled with many challenges and setbacks.  In 50 easy-to-read chapters, Ryan reveals how he:
Rose up within his family business to become the EVP and director of marketing of a global medical lab company
Launched OPREME, an energy drink, running into a head-to-head battle with Red Bull that led to vandalism against his in-store displays (A David vs. Goliath battle).
Advanced from being a kid who lived in a one-bedroom apartment with his family of five to becoming a millionaire by age 25.
Found inner peace on a recent excursion to Dubai, UAE, which has inspired him to pursue creating a cultural center in Miami.
Started working odd jobs at age 12 and launched his first business as a teenager.
True and Rich is Ryan’s story of growing up and maturing into who he is today.  Some of his stories are read as if we are roadside rubberneckers of an accident, but many are demonstrations of and testaments to a strong will, a man with drive, vision, and strong business senses. In the end, he shows us that young people can accomplish a lot, that faith can lead one to live a successful life, and that people of all backgrounds can come together.
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SOURCE Ryan El-Hosseiny