RIYADH, The Saudi-led Arab Coalition supporting the legitimate government in Yemen announced early Saturday that it launched an operation destroying a network of drone capabilities of the Houthi militia in a camp at the presidential palace area in Sanaa.

Arab Coalition spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Maliki confirmed that the coalition forces targeted a Houthi drone manufacturing plant and a store containing launch pads, destroying them completely.

According to al-Malki, the strikes are an extension of military operations that targeted and destroyed an integrated network of logistical capabilities and facilities for Houthi drones, as well as locations where foreign experts are present.

Al-Malki reiterated the coalition’s commitment to prevent the Houthi militia from using these advanced capabilities, and to take all the necessary measures to protect civilians as well as vital areas from the threat of drones.

He noted that the coalition’s operations are in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customs, and that the coalition’s joint command took all the precautionary measures to protect civilians.

Source: Emirates News Agency