GENEVA, -- The Arab Federation for Human Rights, AFHR, has addressed terrorism and human security in the Middle East Region during its participation in the 33rd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council at the Palace of Nations, Geneva.

The objective of the event was to examine the enormous impact that terrorism has on human security and the serious impact upon human rights. The event heard from four experts in the field, Dr. Hadi Alyami, Chairman of the Arab Human Rights Committee, Dr. Richard Burchill, Director of Research and Engagement at TRENDS Research and Advisory, Dr. Wesam Bassindwoah, President of the Arab Initiative for Education and Development, and Dr. Eissa Al-Arabi, Secretary-General of the Arab Federation for Human Rights.

The event was organised by the Arab Federation for Human Rights, and was attended by various international organisations, western NGOs, and activists concerned with Human Rights issues in the Middle East.

The event highlighted the sources of extremism and terrorist actions in the Middle East region and its impact on human security in the region, and all speakers confirmed the urgent need to confront all types of extremist behaviour in order to protect human security.

Source: Emirates News Agency