GENEVA, 5th March, 2016 (WAM) — The Arab Federation for Human Rights has participated in the 31st regular session of the UN Human Rights Council, which is being held until March 24th in Geneva.

As part of its participation in the meetings, the Arab Federation for Human Rights, the largest coalition of non-governmental human rights organisations in the Arab world which includes nearly 30 human rights groups from the region, has organised a protest at the United Nations Square to denounce human rights violations and war crimes being committed by Houthi militias in Yemen.

Issa Rashed Al Arabi, Secretary-General of the Federation, said that the organisation will also hold seminars, events, and meetings with a number of non-governmental organisations as part of its continuous efforts to develop a network of international alliances based on the principles of openness and cooperation with all human rights groups and institutions.

Al Arabi added that through its participation, the Arab Federation aims to discuss the human rights situation in the Arab world, especially in Yemen, Syria and Palestine.

He pointed out that the organisation seeks to address many human rights concerns in the Arab world and resolve them in a positive and constructive manner that will achieve tangible improvements in human rights in the region.

Al Arabi said that achieving these goals requires the elimination of many abuses and discrimination, restoring freedom and the principles of equality, justice, equal citizenship, and peaceful coexistence among various groups which make up Arab society through following the federation’s core values. These are based on comprehensiveness in addressing human rights violations, working to harmonise national legislation, and seeking to develop Arab practices and policies in coordination with all concerned bodies and various international and regional human rights and non-governmental organisations.

The Secretary-General went on to say that the Federation plans to hold many events that will highlight human right violations in the Arab world, especially in Yemen where human rights violations are being committed in all parts of the country, as well as showcase the crimes against humanity being carried-out by Houthi rebels and militias supporting ousted Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh against the Yemeni people. These include the laying mines, deporting populations, seizing and destroying cities, disrupting health and education services, as well as the killing of innocent civilians, which, he said, are crimes committed by the rebels when the international community failed to implement UN Security Council resolutions.

Al Arabi also denounced the international community for failing to carry out its duties and responsibilities to protect civilians in Syria and Palestine.