CAIRO -- The Arab League has strongly condemned a deadly attack on the Brak Al-Shati airbase in southern Libya that had reportedly killed and wounded hundreds of soldiers of the Libyan National Army on Thursday.

The barbaric assault represents a grave escalation that threatens to spark deterioration in the security situation across southern Libya pushing the country again into wide military clashes, the official spokesman for Secretary-General of the Arab League, Mahmoud Afifi said in a statement.

The spokesman demanded all hostilities be halted immediately to restore security and stability to the region. He cited the recent attack as a fresh dangerous threat posed by outlawed militias for the security, sovereignty, territorial integrity of Libya.

The spokesman emphasised that there is no military solution to the conflict in Libya and that the current crisis should be settled peacefully through political dialogue between all involved Libyan parties based on the Libyan Political Agreement reached in Skhirat, Morocco, in 2015.

Source: Emirates News Agency