TUNIS, 8th December, 2016 (WAM)–The Arab police and security chiefs have called for holding an international conference on terrorism under the auspices of United Nations to address aspects related to the terrorism, especially real causes and motives.

At the conclusion of the 40th Congress of Arab Police and Security Chiefs in Tunis, the participants also urged the international security authorities to sign an international agreement, with the aim to combat the terrorism phenomenon by setting a precise definition agreed upon by all, and inviting all states to participate effectively in regional and international meetings to draw plans to combat terrorism, as well as take a unified Arab stance in this regard.

The two-day long event was attended by the UAE delegation headed by Brig. Saif Mohammed Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-In-Chief of Sharjah Police, and included a number of police officers and officials.

The Arab police and security chiefs urged to strengthen the Arab security cooperation, and to address the challenges facing the Arab region, as well as pay attention to exploitation of terrorist organisations by some regional countries to undermine the security and stability of the Arab states. They also called for strengthening cooperation to tackle the external support received by the active terrorist organisations in the Arab region.

The participants approved the resolutions of the conferences and meetings, which were held under the Secretariat during 2016.

During the congress, some security personalities who had participated in the first congress, which was held in Al Ain city, the UAE, in December 1972, were honoured.