DUBAI, The Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN) launched on Sunday the Arabia CSR Awards 2017 in Dubai, with the announcement of two new sustainable awards categories namely construction and hospitality. The awards, which is now in its 10th cycle, honours public and private organisations all throughout the Arab region for implementing best practices in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability and thereby creating a positive impact in the society.

Arabia CSR Awards is a home-grown product in the Middle East and North Africa region which encourages all organisations in the Arab World to step up their efforts in CSR and celebrate their achievements with the public through the awards and generate more interests from other companies to advance their sustainability performance and become a stronger socially responsible corporate citizen.

Speaking during the launch, Habiba Al Mar'ashi, President and CEO of ACSRN, said: ''It is a great achievement for the Network to celebrate a milestone � having reached the 10th year for the Arabia CSR Awards. We look forward to beat our targets of having more participants and bring in other Arab countries and companies to become part of this global endeavor.'' The Arabia CSR Awards has a total of 11 categories, including: Public Sector, Large Business, Medium Business, Small Business, Financial Services Sector, Energy Sector, Social Enterprise Sector, Hospitality Sector, Construction Sector, Best New Business and Partnerships and Collaborations and will have a total of 31companies that can be shortlisted as CSR champions for 2017.

Source: Emirates News Agency