ASTANA -- Several heads of state have arrived at Astana EXPO 2017 to take part in the official opening ceremony, reported a correspondent from Kazinform.

Some 17 heads of state are expected to take part in the grand opening. Prior to the ceremony, the guests will visit Kazakhstan's Nur Alem Pavilion, the architectural symbol of Astana EXPO 2017 and the centre of the Exhibition Complex. The complex is the world's largest spherical building, with a diameter of 80 metres.

Kazakhstan's pavilion will also include the "Future Astana-Kazakh Capital in 2050" exposition, the Space Energy Hall and the Creative Energy Hall, as well as a model of the Kazakhstani thermonuclear reactor "Tokamak" and a media wall featuring head of state initiatives in the fields of energy and environmental protection.

After the Nur Alem Pavilion, the VIP guests will also visit the other pavilions of the exhibition. A concert and laser show will be held after the official opening ceremony. The ceremony will conclude with a grand fireworks display.

A total of 115 countries and 22 international organisations will take part in Astana EXPO 2017, "Future Energy in Astana," from 10th June to 10th September. Its organisers are expecting around 20,000 daily visits and a total of 2 million guests are expected to visit the exhibition.

It is planned that 85 percent of the total number of visitors will be citizens of Kazakhstan while 15 percent will be foreign nationals, mostly from Commonwealth of Independent States countries and China. A significant number of tourists are also expected to arrive from Europe, Turkey and the United States. The main theme of EXPO 2017 is "Energy of the Future." The exposition will reflect the concerns of the international community on the growing issue of energy consumption's effect on the planet. The main objective of the exhibition is to call for responsibility, foster discussions and develop knowledge that will enable people to plan and control energy consumption and minimise damage to the environment.

The exposition's total area is 174 hectares while 25 hectares will accommodate the National Pavilion, the Best Practices Area Pavilion, the international pavilions of more than 100 countries and themed pavilions that will demonstrate the evolution of the exposition's overall theme. A total of 38 facilities will be built within the exposition area.

Source: Emirates News Agency