Truth Always Prevails, the criticallyacclaimed insightful autobiography of Sadruddin Hashwani, one of Pakistan’s top businessmen and founderchairman of the internationally renowned Hashoo Group, was launched in Dubai in a ceremony attended by celebrities, politicians and socialites.
British Member of Parliament Sir Tony Baldry, Indian actorpolitician Shatrughan Sinha, veteran Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh, singer Abida Praveen, Pakistan’s former foreign secretary Riaz Khokhar and Christina Lamb OBE, Foreign Correspondent of the UK’s Sunday Times, Ambassador of Pakistan for UAE Asif Ali Durani and former finance minister Hafeez sheikh were among the world’s leading business leaders, politicians and luminaries present on the occasion.
Truth Always Prevails is an inspirational yet heartwarming memoir that celebrates the remarkable ragstoriches story of Sadruddin Hashwani, a selfmade entrepreneur who rose from his humble origins to head one of the most powerful Pakistani business conglomerates and become Pakistan’s wellrespected philanthropist. The book describes his journey from sleeping in the back of trucks in the cold deserts of Balochistan to owning a vast portfolio of luxury hotels as well as numerous other businesses. Speaking about his book, Hashwani said, “Through my memoir, I wish to inspire the younger generation of Pakistani people and tell them that by sheer determination and perseverance, they can challenge any odds and build a solid future for their countrymen. By investing in their own success and their future, they can one day give back to their own brethren and that is the power of the common man.”
Udayan Mitra, Publishing Director of Allen Lane, the nonfiction division of Penguin India, and publishers of Truth Always Prevails, described the book as an important chronicle of the life and times of one of the most inspiring businesspersons in the world today. “Truth Always Prevails is an exemplary story of Sadruddin Hashwani’s journey that has been written in an easytounderstand style,” Mitra said.
The book, launched in Pakistan in November 2014, was an instant hit with the readers as it offers a lot of insights into the political structure of Pakistan, the successive governments, the military rulers and their attitude towards the business community. The book also chronicles his struggle against corrupt politicians and uncooperative government officials to build and sustain an extensive business empire. He has faced neardeath experiences, most remarkably the 2008 bombing of his own hotel, the Marriott Islamabad, and has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. “The book is filled with fascinating anecdotes and telling sketches of prominent Pakistani personalities. It is an extraordinary story that will inspire and entertain readers,” said Riaz Khokhar.