ADEN, Backed by Saudi-led Arab Coalition, and helped by the key role played by the UAE Armed Forces, the Yemeni national army and the popular resistance fighters took full control of the Dhubab Directorate and the surrounding districts and mountains.

Major-General Ahmed Al Yafie, Commander of the Fourth Region of the Yemeni army, said that the UAE troops, operating under the command of the Arab Coalition to support the legitimate government in Yemen, provided diverse, effective support in terms of experience and capabilities, which significantly contributed to oust the Houthi militias and the forces loyal to the displaced president Ali Saleh from the Dhubab Directorate and its surrounding districts, including Dhubab coastal city, Mountain Ranges of Dhubab, Al Khazan Mountains, Hijarat al Nimr, Central Mountain and Al Ameri Mountain ''The Dhubab Directorate was fully liberated as part of a large military operation conducted by the forces of the legitimate government, backed by the Arab Coalition, to liberate entire Yemen, including the coasts, following the intransigence of the Houthi militia and Saleh forces, and their rejection to accept peaceful, political solutions and initiatives,'' he added.

The militias and Saleh forces were using the coastal ports of the Red Sea to smuggle weapons and ammunitions instead of using the funds to meet the requirements of the Yemeni people who reside in areas under their control.

Source: Emirates News Agency