ABU DHABI, A delegation from Bahrain's Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning recently learned about the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council's experience in, and working methodology and strategy for developing holistic and sustainable urban communities that fulfil the needs of the population and ensure a prosperous life.

The delegation's visit to Abu Dhabi, which was part of knowledge and expertise exchange between the two bodies, reflected the way the Abu Dhabi council has come to be recognised as a reference resource in the region when it comes to practices in planning sustainable and wholesome communities.

The Bahraini delegation, led by Sheikh Nayef bin Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa Director of the Towns and Villages Planning Directorate, also learned about a package of standards and policies formulated by the Abu Dhabi council.

Officials of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council highlighted the need for co-operation between the public and private sectors to achieve sustainable urban development and realise Abu Dhabi's Economic Vision 2030.

Abdulla Al Sahi, Executive Director of the Planning and Infrastructure Sector at the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, termed the meeting with Bahraini officials as quite fruitful and added that it allowed them an opportunity to exchange expertise in urban planning.

Sheikh Nayef bin Khaled said the visit was important for learning about the functioning of the council.

Expressing his gratitude, he hoped that such co-operation with the Abu Dhabi body would continue in the field of urban planning and sustainable development.

Source: Emirates News Agency