NEW YORK, 18th November, 2015 (WAM) — UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, expressed concern late Tuesday night over reprisals or further discrimination against Muslims, especially Muslim refugees and migrants, adding that this would only exacerbate the alienation on which terrorists feed.

Taking part at the British-led open debate at the Security Council, on security, development and the root causes of conflicts, Ban said that in the aftermath of terrorist bombings in recent days in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, and the apparent bombing of a Russian airplane, the world is seeing the continuing peril of terrorism and the mounting threat from Daesh. “No grievance or cause can justify such acts,” he added.

The UN chief said that violent conflicts and violent extremism are often rooted in a mix of exclusion, inequality, mismanagement of natural resources, corruption, oppression, governance failures, and the frustration and alienation that accompany a lack of jobs and opportunities.

He stressed the need for greater focus on prevention and human rights, as well as to strengthen coherence among all actors.