ABU DHABI, 4th December 2015 (WAM) — Bombing Daesh (ISIL) alone will not bring an end to their reign of terror, and if bombing alone was the answer, this terrorist group would have crumbled months ago. Instead, it has shown itself to be capable of maintaining control on the territory it has gained, only retreating in the face of the fiercest ground assaults with coordinated air attacks, said a local UAE newspaper on Friday.

“There are truths that (David) Cameron needs to recognise: A political solution has to be found for Syria; boots on the ground will be needed to roll back the gains made by Daesh. Whose feet will wear those boots is a far harder question than deciding to unleash Tornado jets and Brimstone missiles. And Daesh is as much an ideology as it is a group- and ideas are much harder to eliminate,” wrote the English-language newspaper The Gulf News in an editorial comment on the British House of Commons’ vote last week in favour of bombing Daesh targets in Syria.

The paper said “the indignant haste to kill” papered over the British parliamentary vote that highlighted deep splits in the opposition Labour Party and represented a victory for Prime Minister David Cameron who, at last, after months of pondering whether he should or shouldn’t, had the Commons’ backing he so badly craved.

The last time Cameron sought approval for military intervention in Syria he was rebuffed even though there was convincing evidence that Syrian President Bashar Al Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people, the Gulf News added.