Social Affairs Minister Pierre Bou Assi stressed on the "need to support the hosting Lebanese community (to the displaced Syrians) to be able to continue shouldering the burdens of the Syrian displacement," underscoring the need to shore up the infrastructure projects and to create work opportunities on the domestic level for the Lebanese youth.

Bou Assi rhetoric came during the preliminary session of Brussels conference "to Support the Future of Syria and the Region" which starts today ( Wednesday) with the participation of more than 70 countries, civil society organizations, the European Union and the United Nations to follow up on the accomplishments that has been established since London conference last year.

It is noteworthy that a ministerial delegation presided by Premier Saad Hariri represents Lebanon in the conference.

Bou Assi tackled the repercussions of the Syrian displacement crisis on the Lebanese state and citizens as well as on the country's economy, calling upon the world community and the European Union in specific to fortify support to Lebanon and open its markets to the Lebanese products.

The Minister pointed to the necessity to support medium and small enterprises to create work opportunities that enable the Lebanese citizens to improve economy and strengthen its competitive ability in the international markets.

Bou Assi reminded of the high percentage of unemployment that the Lebanese community is suffering from , a phenomenon that starts to multiply due to the competition of the lower wage Syrian workers to the Lebanese youth.

Source: National News Agency