In line with Sharjah Police motivation policy, Brigadier Mohammed Rashid Biyyat, Director General of Police Operations has honored Colonel Yusuf Obeid Harmoul, Deputy Director of Comprehensive Police Stations Dept in recognition of his sincerity, dedication and distinguished performance. The honoring ceremony was attended by Brigadier Mohammed Al Obad, Deputy Director of Police Operations. Brigadier Biyyat has spoken highly about the competence of the honoree and his tireless efforts in carrying out assigned tasks which conduced to maintaining security and stability within community. He also urged other Sharjah Police personnel to follow the example of the honoree, and to scale up efforts so as to uplift quality of rendered services and highlight Sharjah Police's role in maintaining security and safety within community. Colonel Yusuf Harmoul has on his part expressed his pleasure for the honoring which he deemed a honoring for all his colleagues, and a catalyst for more hard work and dedication towards the promotion of policing performance.

Source: Sharjah Police