DUBAI, -- A British Parliament delegation has praised the Dubai Police for looking after all nationalities in the emirate, especially the British citizens.

During a visit to the Dubai Police General Headquarters, the British delegation expressed its admiration for the achievements of the Dubai Police in terms of excellence in areas of security work and use of modern technology to improve services delivered to the public.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Murr, Head of the General Department for Human Rights, received the delegation, accompanied by Suleiman Hamid Salem Al Mazrouei, UAE Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He briefed the guests on the organisational structure of the Dubai Police, including the General Department for Human Rights and its work mechanisms.

Al Murr noted that the department promotes the values of equal rights and duties irrespective of race, colour or religion. He stressed the Dubai Police's care for all residents, referring to appropriate services offered to about 200 nationalities living in the emirate.

Following the meeting, the guests also visited the Command and Control Centre, where they were briefed about its progress in the field of community service, the nature of work, patrol system, traffic control of Dubai's streets, and statistics on the rate of patrol arrivals to accident scenes.

They were also briefed about services provided to people with all types of disabilities. The data for people with disabilities is registered to identify them with their type of disability. In cases of emergency, the Command and Control Centre is notified to send a patrol to the scene.

They were also briefed about a service for heart patients and elderly people.

Source: Emirates News Agency