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Innovative device has potential to benefit over 2 million students across region
Casio Middle East has announced the launch of the world’s first standard scientific calculator with an Arabic display. The first-ever calculator with an Arabic interface is a development of immense significance for the Middle East region and has the potential to benefit over 2 million students across the wider area.

The ClassWiz fx-991AR X calculator offers the benefits of a modern scientific calculator to students from the region enrolled in middle school and upwards, bringing the world of scientific calculations closer to students in their own native language. Casio is the acknowledged global market leader in the calculator segment and this will make their position in the region even stronger. It is estimated that 250 million speak the Arabic language in the region.
“The ClassWiz range of calculators brings the power of scientific calculation into the hands of students across the region in their own language,” said Tsuneo Nagai, Managing Director of Casio Middle East. “The Arabic interface, developed especially with the students of this region in mind, will bring alive the world of mathematics and science even more graphically for Arabic speaking students. This innovative range of products is also a testament to the importance we assign to the region as one of our more significant markets,” Mr. Nagai stressed.
Casio supports mathematics education through its diverse lineup of scientific calculators, including standard models capable of complex computations, programmable models equipped with programming functions, and graphic models that combine graphic input functions with programming functions.
The new ClassWiz fx-991AR X model features a high-resolution film-compensated super-twisted nematic (FSTN) display with 12,096 dots – approximately four times the 2,976 dots offered by the previous Casio models and is the first standard scientific calculator with an Arabic menu and guidance.
The high-resolution display makes it easy to view numerical formulas and symbols. The ClassWiz fx-991AR X minimizes abbreviated menu items and guidance, making user instructions and information on screen easy to understand even for a beginner.
This scientific calculator is also equipped with a spreadsheet function that is useful for entering recursive formulas and studying statistics, which has become increasingly important in recent years in educational settings. This means the ClassWiz fx-991AR X can be used for calculations found in the latest textbooks and for more complicated calculations than previous models.
The ClassWiz fx-991AR X includes a function that can display a graph on a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet computer. This enables numerical formulas inputted into the calculator to be converted to Quick Response (QR) Code. Users can display graphs on smart devices by reading the QR Code to access a dedicated website. This function can also be used to display the calculator’s user manual on a smart device.
By utilizing a high-resolution display, Casio has raised the level of the user interface for its calculators, allowing icons to be displayed more clearly and legibly on the menu screen. Furthermore, the ClassWiz fx-991ARX is capable of performing sophisticated calculations such as differential calculus, linear and vector operations, 4×4 matrix calculations, and 4-variable simultaneous equations. The new model comes with a two-way power system combining a battery and solar cell.
Along with the ClassWiz fx-991AR X, Casio plans to release three additional standard scientific calculator models equipped with the same high-resolution display.

Spreadsheet Calculation of
function and 4-variable
Model name QR code generator equations Power source

Combined battery and
fx-991AR X Included Included solar cell
fx-570AR X Included Included 1 AAA R03 battery
fx-95AR X - Included 1 AAA R03 battery
fx-82AR X - – 1 AAA R03 battery

Main Specifications for the  fx-991ARX/570ARX/95ARX/82ARX 

Main Functions All models:

Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions,
logarithmic and exponential functions,
power and root functions, hyperbolic curve and inverse
hyperbolic curve functions,
inverse functions, factorials, pi, permutations (nPr) and
combinations (nCr),
coordinate conversion, statistical calculations, time
calculations (sexagesimal),
table and dual table functions, answer memory,
random number generator (including random integers),
engineering notation,
number rounding, thousands separator display, multi-replay
error position display, multi-statement function, undo
function, auto power off

fx-991AR X / 570AR X/ 95AR X models:

simultaneous equation (2-4 unknowns), polynomial equation
(degree 2-4),
inequality calculations (degree 2-4), ratio calculations

fx-991AR X / 570AR X models:

Spreadsheet, QR code generator, complex number
base-n calculations (base-2, 8, 10, 16), logical
operations, matrix calculations,
vector calculations, CALC and SOLVE, sum total
numerical differential and integral calculations,
scientific constants, unit conversion,
engineering symbols

Number of 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential display

Memories 9 memories (1 independent memory + 8 variable memories)

Power Source fx-991AR X model:
and Battery
Life Two-way power system combining solar cell and 1 LR44
button-type battery
2-year battery life (if used 1 hour daily)
fx-570AR X / 95AR X / 82AR X models:
1 AAA R03 battery
2-year battery life (if used 1 hour daily)

Auto Power Off After approx. 10 minutes of non-use

Dimensions fx-991AR X model:
Weight 11.1 cross 77.0 cross 165.5 mm; approx. 90 g (including

fx-570AR X / 95AR X / 82AR X models:

13.8 cross 77.0 cross 165.5 mm; approx. 100 g (including

Main Accessory Hard case

About Casio Middle East 
Casio Middle East is the regional subsidiary of Casio Computer Co. Ltd., overseeing sales and marketing activities across the GCC. Casio has been supplying products to countries in the Middle East through sales agents since the mid-1970s. Beginning in October 2013, Casio Middle East has been working in tandem with sales agents in each of the countries and carrying out sales and marketing activities tailored to these countries. By promptly supplying products and services suited to local tastes and lifestyles, the company intends to popularize Casio products and expand its business in the region.
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