DUBAI, UAE, April 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Centaur Private Equity Ltd wins award for “Excellence in Private Equity – Bermuda” at the 2015 Business Excellence Awards, which identify and honour the most respected companies, while recognising and rewarding outstanding performance, success, innovation and ethics across international business communities. This award follows multiple recent recognition awards to other Centaur Group companies. The 2015 Business Excellence Awards celebrate the outstanding performance and results achieved by the industry’s leading lights in what still proves to be an extremely competitive market. A panel of independent judges of industry professionals selected the winners and short list nominees of the 2015 Business Excellence Awards. Commenting on the award, Centaur Group CEO, Daniel McGowan said “We are truly honoured to be recognised for this award which proves that Centaur is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to Private Equity investments. This award is a testament to our on-going efforts to source and execute private equity transactions across a wide range of industries and sectors. Our aim is simple; to give the management teams we work with and invest into, the tools and resources they need to build lasting capabilities and competitive advantage.”   Centaur Private Equity Ltd has a varied sector focus with investments in agriculture, mining, wealth management, sports and sports management, event management and venture capital and invests into fast growing companies through a variety of tailored investment solutions giving significant flexibility in terms of both the financing structure of transactions and the length of time investments are held. For more information please visit Disclaimer   This press release is for information purposes only. No guarantee, representation, undertaking or warranty, express or implied, is given by Centaur and/or Centaur Private Equity Ltd and/or the Centaur Group and/or their respective directors, officers, partners, shareholders, members and/or service providers as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained in this press release and no liability is accepted by such persons for the accuracy or completeness of any such information or opinions. This press release does not constitute and/or form any part of a prospectus, offer, invitation and/or solicitation for the sale of shares in Centaur Private Equity Ltd, nor should it be construed to constitute any investment, legal and/or tax advice. It should not be used and/or considered for the purpose of any offer to sell and/or solicitation to buy shares in any jurisdiction and/or in any circumstances in which such offer and/or solicitation is unlawful and/or not authorised. This press release is not aimed at persons who are residents of any country in which such an offer and/or solicitation is not authorised and/or to any person to whom it is unlawful to make any offer to sell and/or solicitation to buy shares in Centaur Private Equity Ltd. Notes to Editors  About the Centaur Group  Centaur Holdings Ltd (” Centaur”), is a global investment holding company with interests, portfolio companies and investments in sectors ranging from asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, mining and natural resources and agricultural investments. Centaur has offices in the UAE, UK, South Africa, Bermuda, Namibia, and USA. Centaur Private Equity Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centaur and one of two Private Equity divisions under the Centaur Group structure. Centaur Private Equity Ltd are a long term and patient investor focusing on investments in sectors, including but not limited to, technology, sports and entertainment, food and beverage, agriculture, wealth management and financial services, and mining and natural resources, throughout market cycles. Centaur and its subsidiaries, portfolio companies and/or investments are collectively referred to as the ‘Centaur Group’ where applicable. SOURCE Centaur Private Equity Ltd