ABU DHABI, Lt. General Hamad Mohammed Thani Al Rumaithi, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, said that Commemoration Day is a precious national occasion esteemed by all Emiratis.

In the following statement on the Commemoration Day to the 'Nation Shield' magazine, Al Rumaithi said, "History tells that great nations are the ones that have a tremendous record of sacrifices and rich heritage of noble human values that have been passed down through generations. They recall them in crises to address besetting challenges and deliver the future. These values are embodied by our martyrs who represent role models for sacrifices that reflect quintessential Emirati values.

"The Commemoration Day which falls on 30th November every year, is a precious national day during which we observe our martyrs' sacrifices for the sake of the homeland. the UAE's leadership and people recall their noble sacrifices and narrate their patriotic acts that represent the Emirati values of belonging, sacrifice and loyalty.

"Our martyrs incarnate an integrated epic that will remain a source of inspirations for UAE nationals to defend their country's gains and principles of loyalty, belonging and sacrifice that have been inherited from late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and our Founding Fathers who instilled these values in the UAE people.

"On this occasion, we don't only honour our martyrs, but also send a message of appreciation to our Armed Forces who are still performing their noble missions in Yemen as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition to reflect the UAE's unwavering principles that support right issues and defend brothers in weal and woe.

"We reiterate our sincerest appreciation to the martyrs' families and members of the UAE Armed Forces who represent a true model of unlimited sacrifice and belonging to the homeland."

Source: Emirates News Agency