DUBAI, The Constitutional, Legislative and Appeals Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council (FNC) discussed the draft federal law on "Remote communication techniques in criminal procedures" during the sixth meeting of the 16th Legislative Chapter.

The meeting was held on the premises of the General Secretariat of the FNC in Dubai and was attended by representatives from the Interior and Justice ministries.

Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Head of the committee, remarked that the committee had agreed with the government on all the articles in the draft law, and it would prepare a report on it and present it to the FNC.

The committee had discussed the policy of the Ministry of Justice concerning legislations, services provided to users, and the strategic goals for the development of the ministry, he revealed.

An explanatory note on the draft federal law, related to the use of remote communication technology in criminal procedures, referred to how criminal investigations should be conducted by the police and the public prosecution, in addition to criminal proceedings, as modern information technologies could be used to initiate several other procedures by combining them with the basic principles of the law.

The articles included provisions related to the presence of the accused in person at the first trial session through remote communication technology, and communication with lawyers through such technology.

The law also included articles related to the privacy and secrecy of remote communication technology, and using them with other countries.

The committee met with representatives of the Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal Experts, and the law and legal consultations offices to discuss the difficulties and challenges they were facing in relation to the services provided by the Ministry of Justice.

The committee also conducted field visits to the Justice Authority in Abu Dhabi and Dubai courts to monitor the services provided to users, and determine the main challenges faced by the legal and administrative system.

Source: Emirates News Agency