ABU DHABI, 8th February 2016 (WAM) — Following emergency consultations Sunday, the United Nations Security Council strongly condemned the missile launched by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), and announced that it will “expeditiously” adopt a new resolution in response to “these dangerous and serious violations.”

“The members of the Security Council underscored that this launch, as well as any other DPRK launch that uses ballistic missile technology, even if characterized as a satellite launch or space launch vehicle, contributes to the DPRK’s development of nuclear weapon delivery systems and is a serious violation of Security Council resolutions,” the UN Permanent Representative of Venezuela, Rafael Dario Ramirez Carreno, told reporters delivering the Council’s presidential statement in New York.

He added that the 15-member Council reaffirmed that a clear threat to international peace and security continues to exist, especially in the context of the nuclear test.

“The members of the Security Council restated their intent to develop significant measures in a new Security Council resolution in response to the nuclear test conducted by the DPRK on 6th January, 2016, in grave violation of the DPRK’s international obligations,” Ambassador Ramirez was quoted by the UN News Centre as saying.

Members also recalled that they have previously expressed their determination to take “further significant measures” in the event of another DPRK launch.

“In line with this commitment and the gravity of this most recent violation, the members of the Security Council will adopt expeditiously a new Security Council resolution with such measures in response to these dangerous and serious violations,” Mr. Ramirez announced.

The Council also expressed its commitment to continue working toward a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution to the situation leading to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.